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Hydrate and recharge your body.

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Flavor: Grapefruit

Potassium and Sodium are electrolytes that play a crucial role in regulating blood pressure and fluid balance.

They also affect the nervous system function by regulating the electrical activity responsible for muscle contraction, including the heart.

Long exercise sessions and intensive sweating result in losses of both Potassium and Sodium, hence the importance of replenishment for a good recovery.

Potassium is also known for stimulating the metabolism of carbohydrates, growth, and cell development.

Zinc is the second most abundant mineral in the body, it is actually present in every cell of your body. It plays a great role in Gene expression, enzymatic reactions, immune function, protein and DNA synthesis, as well as wound healing and growth and development. Better nutrient absorption and protein synthesis are the main reasons why it is important to consume Zinc for an efficient post workout recovery.

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